Dan Moxham

Dan Moxham

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Colt 66

Colt 66 is the scowling-rock collaboration between Dan Moxham and Wild Blue Rivers. The laconic tracks by Colt 66 shorn of flummery bristle around the room in bad-temper brushing the audience into cowering in the corner as the acerbic lyric seethes of frustration. Braving the fulminations the audience finds this is a sound full of foot-steps to follow and soon the darts become welcome scars to take the listener on a journey, which finds the body happily stepping round the open spaces. 

The out-put of Colt 66 for its very bareness invites the mind to dwell on the compositions and very soon finds that far from being a sound of hostility they quickly become the sort of friends that you can’t believe you haven’t known all your life as they seem to understand you so well.


~ Tim Whale (emerging indie bands)

I Fucked the Devil - Music Video

The Husky Tusks

The Husky Tusks is an experimental solo project by Dan Moxham and mixes everything from hip-hop to vomit punk. This collection is the audio companion to the poetry of Dan Moxham and exists as an aural scrapbook of ideas and thoughts. The project is very lo-fi and has a somewhat DIY punk attitude. All tracks are free to download.