Dan Moxham

Dan Moxham

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2017 The Rare Kind

The Rare Kind is a meditation on the unique story of us – human beings.

The series explores the strength and hope of people as they do this dance we call ‘life’.

Episode 1 - LEN

Episode 2 - Coming Soon...

Transcendental Astronaut

I followed the mental obsession that I could drink like normal people, I followed that obsession to the madhouse and nearly to the grave. I built a spaceship from junk in the yard and set sail into the blackness of nothing as nothing is where everything comes from.

There is no right way and there is no wrong way.

Sometimes we have to destroy in order to recreate.

Transcendental Astronaut is a no-budget short film that explores addiction and mental health. The distorted narrative and dream-like imagery give it a psychedelic presence that is a perfect example of surrealism. Transcendental Astronaut utilizes symbolism and the irrationality of the cataleptic mind.

Featuring music by Colt 66 and The Husky Tusks.